January 15th 1915
Allowed children out early to see battalion of soldiers making route march for recruits.

May 24th 1916
Empire Day. Gave children an address & patriotic songs were sung.

April 25th 1917
Continued lectures re food waste.

July 27th 1917
Mrs Raymond absent today with leave, her husband being home from France.

October 17th 1917
Some boys have been sent to collect chestnuts.

October 22nd 1917
Have sent boys chestnutting again.

October 25th 1917
About half a ton of chestnuts collected. (Chestnuts were used to produce acetone as part of the process of manufacturing cordite for munitions.)

March 8th 1918
Received communication from secretary of local Food Control re return of the meat application forms. These are not being sent in as promptly as they should be and I was asked to impress importance of the matter upon the children who were to inform their parents.

June 7th 1918
Have got two desks up from the cellar in place of two broken during the whist drive. These cannot be mended till after the war.

September 24th 1918
The children were taken out picking blackberries in the afternoon. Forty pounds were picked bringing in 10/- which the children voted to the Red Cross.

November 11th 1918
Had notice of the signing of the Armistice by the Germans. Gave short address. The Rev A S Altham visited the school in the afternoon. National Anthem sung & cheers given for the King & Queen, our sailors and our soldiers. Children given short address by Rev. A. S. Altham. It was decided to give a holiday on Tuesday.

July 23rd 1919
The Schoolroom used on Saturday 19th inst for the Peace Festivities, as the day was wet.

August 1st 1918
An extra week’s holiday is granted at the King’s desire on account of the Declaration of Peace.

October 14th 1918
Mrs Altham distributed the Peace Commemoration mugs this afternoon.

November 11th 1921
Children taken to the Cross on the Green for Memorial Service and Great Silence.

November 11th 1929
Armistice Day, wet. Two minutes silence in school & Standard seven went to the Head’s house and heard the service at the Cenotaph on the wireless.

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