Lady Buller

April 29th 1915
A letter received from Lady Audrey Buller (see notes below) was read asking permission to allow the Head Master to start a Children’s Penny Fund for the sick and wounded. The Head master (Mr Beare) stated that the children were already contributing to the Devon Patriotic Fund. It was decided not to start another fund amongst the children at present, and it was proposed by Mr Densham and seconded by Mr Ford that a reply to that effect be sent to Lady Audrey Buller.

June 17th 1915
A notice received from the Attendance Committee stating that they would waive their regulations requiring schools to open this year 428 times, as long as each school opens over 400 times as required by Government. The Managers may give an extra fortnight’s holiday this year, either at hay harvest, or additional to the usual month to allow all children to assist on the farms during harvest.

July 29th 1915
Proposed by Mr Densham and seconded by Mr Challice that the school children should have an extra week holiday during corn harvest. Carried.

October 28th 1915
The Caretaker (Mrs M A Burridge) made an application through the Correspondent for an increase in salary on account of extra prices of commodities owing to the war. The application was not entertained. Afterwards a report of the Inspector was read as to the unsatisfactory cleaning. The Correspondent being asked to draw the Caretaker’s attention to same.

July 13th 1916
Proposed by Mr Challice, seconded by Mr Bater that the school should be closed for the summer holidays for six weeks so that the older scholars might assist the farmers during the harvest. Carried unanimously.

July 31st 1919
The question of holidays was brought forward and it was arranged to close the school on Friday August 1st and in accordance with the King’s desire an extra week would be added – and the school re-open after five weeks holiday on Monday 8th September 1919.


Lady Audrey Buller

She was the daughter of General Redvers Buller of Downes House, Crediton – a career soldier made famous by his leadership in the Boer & other wars. He was awarded the VC for saving the lives of three men during the Zulu War. He was very much loved by the soldiers who served under him and by the people of Devon. The man on the horse by the Exeter FE College is General Buller.

Audrey, better known as Georgiana, was thirty at the outbreak of WW1. She was a member of the British Red Cross and Deputy County Director of the Voluntary Aid Organisation for Devon. It would have been in this capacity that she wrote to schools concerning the ‘Penny Fund’. (see above).

After the war she was instrumental in the founding of what is now The Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital – opened in 1927, & St Loyes College.

She died in Exeter in 1953


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