Three Victorian paintings of Lapford were brought together in a display at The Ark, Lapford in September 2017. They were painted between 1882 and 1901 by Eliza Wilson, wife of Canon Cornelius Wilson the, then, Rector of Lapford. It was probably the first time that the paintings have been on display: they are now all residing back home in Lapford after more than a century and in this time had travelled to distant parts of the country.

All three paintings are initialled with the letter E over W. It is not known how many similar village scenes Eliza painted. Perhaps others still survive today. Do you have one?

The paintings initiated interest in Eliza’s life and a little research threw up some fascinating information which was displayed along with the paintings and is shared below.

Lapford street scene at dinnertime: looking from the bread oven of Virginia Cottage across the main street to Park Street (then known as Rattle Street).

Life on Lower Bridge farm   See article: Lower Bridge Farm – Harmony or Hostility
St Thomas of Canterbury Church, Lapford




















































































































































































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