The New York Times, 05 February 1929

In the icy tundra of an island in the Bering Sea lives a small Lemming with a link to Lapford! The Lemming, Lemus Harroldi, is named after Lapford-born Cyril Harrold who, in the 1920s, had a growing reputation as one of the most gifted ornithologists and field naturalists of the time. His selection for a prestigious research expedition to Madagascar was the stuff of his boyhood dreams. But a few days before he was due to sail, he contracted Meningitis and died. He was 33.

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2. A Boyhood Fascination Read More

3. Emigration to Canada Read More

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6. William Rowan & Beaverhills Read More

7. The Secret of Migration Read More

8. Percy Taverner & the National Collection Read More

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11. Clipped Wings — an unexpected death Read More

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