Fledgling Adventures of a Field Wizard

What links Lapford to Alaskan Lemming? Read how Lapford-born Cyril Harrold gain a reputation as one of the most gifted field naturalists of his day before tragedy denied him the expedition of a lifetime.

Audio interview: Eileen Parish

Eileen Parish came to Lapford as an evacuee and made it her permanent home. In this interview with Noel Parry, made in 1999, she discusses her memories of the evacuation, the village and trips into Exeter.

The “Good Morning and Smiles Bus”

It is 100 years since Turner’s Tours started the first bus service through Lapford. So, all aboard for a nostalgia trip discovering some of the original sights and characters on Mr and Mrs Turner’s happy bus.

Perils of the Road 1830-1930

The growth in the use of Lapford’s roads between 1830-1930 was not without incident. The following 25 tales—some amusing, some tragic—capture something of the impact of the ‘road revolution’ on the lives of Lapford villagers from the days of pack horses to the halcyon days of motoring.

The Great Escape

The story of the first pleasure outings from the village, made possible by the advent of charabancs, trains and the ‘weekend’.

A Walk Around Lapford (1976)

In 1976, Lapford hosted friends from its twin village of Langannerie. The twinning committee published this short guide for a walking tour which followed an exhibition of Lapford’s history.

Lapford Then and Now

NEW! Compare pictures view of bygone Lapford with the same views today. We will be adding more in the coming months.

Lapford Mill

Milling in Lapford was recorded in the Doomsday book. The current mill is noted for its intact machinery and for lovers of art it is an occasional entertainment venue and home to Lapstock Music Festival. Discover the mill’s chequered history with links to South African Gold and Yorkshire Brass.

The perjure of a fallen jockey

Lapford farmer, Thomas Leach, was very proud of his new racehorse: Maid of Honour. At 30 guineas the mare was a costly purchase but when she won a stake at Barnstaple Races in the autumn of 1870, Thomas felt sure he had made a good investment. But, the following night, […]

Poor House Lane cottages

A familiar feature for those who regularly travel though Lapford is the decorative mid-C18 iron arch (pictured above) crafted by the village smithy, George Challice. Through the arch is a row of three thatched cottages dating from about 1740, the first of which is appropriately named Challice Gate. Next door is Honey Cottage and at the end of the row is Pleasant Cottage.