Hidden Detail

From his studio in Sidwell Street, Exeter, Herbert Read created pieces for some of the world’s most prestigious venues including the Taj Mahal, the House of Lords and the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Lapford’s memorial cross was an altogether different commission. Mr Densham, chair of the war memorial committee, […]

Passing Muster: the armed villagers of Tudor Lapford

In Tudor times there was no standing army in England. Lapford was expected to maintain its own village militia, together with necessary equipment, ready to be called upon by the Crown in a time of need. What sort of village fighting force could Lapford muster?

Lapford Ladies cricket team

Lapford had a ladies’ cricket team as early as 1910, predating any national organisaton of the sport for women.

Serge weaving in Lapford

   The clacking of hand loans was once a familiar one in Lapford. It is likely that there were once 20 or more looms in the village for the weaving of woollen cloth —most commonly, serge. Serge was Devon’s primary export commodity in the boom years of the counties textile industry in the C17 […]


Lapford serge making Q&As

When did serge making start in Lapford? Devon was a world centre of serge making from the C14. Rural communities played a vital part in this industry, producing wool and undertaking various production processes in the home. In Lapford few records survive of Lapford’s involvement in the serge making before the 1851 census when the industry was in […]

Mary Brown- memories of a Lapford teacher 1973-1998

TRANSCRIPT OF TALK GIVEN BY MRS MARY BROWN AT THE BYGONE DAYS EXHIBITION IN THE VICTORY HALL ON FRIDAY 21ST JANUARY 2000. Before I ever came in to the village of Lapford I frequently passed by along the A377. At that time – early seventies – Highfield was still being […]

Eileen Parish- an evacuee to Lapford

I came to Lapford as an evacuee in June 1940. We had travelled from South West London by train to Exeter where we were transferred to coaches and driven to Haywards School, Crediton, for milk and buns. From there we came to Lapford and arrived at the Victory Hall in […]

Edgar Bragg- a Kelland lad

TRANSCRIPT OF A TALK GIVEN BY MR EDGAR BRAGG AT THE BYGONE DAYS EXHIBITION IN THE VICTORY HALL ON FRIDAY 21ST JANUARY 2000. I was brought to Lapford when a very young child of twenty months and have lived either at “Kelland Barton” or “Easterpark” for over seventy years. Some […]

Bill Manning- memories of Lapford Home Guard

Excerpts from a talk given at the Bygone Days Exhibition in the Victory Hall, Lapford, on Friday 21st January 2000 by Mr Bill Manning. A skilled farmworker of years ago could plough a field, make a hedge, make a load of hay or corn, thatch a rick, and make the […]