Phyllis Partridge- the drive into Lapford

I just want to take you on a drive into Lapford from the Crediton and Exeter side. As we approach on the A377 we pass Bugford Quarry from where a lot of stone was taken for the road which was built as a turnpike. Lapford looks rather modern but there […]

The near end of the Nymet House removal men

On the evening of 12 October 1910, three labourers from Exeter –Thomas Thorpe, Robert Carr and William Lobb – arrived at Nymet House, Nymet Rowland. In the morning they were to start removing furniture from the house to Mark Rowe & Sons[1], a furnishing store on Exeter High Street who […]

The day we caught a barrage balloon!

On November 29th 1940 the Head Master of Lapford school with teachers Miss Harris and Mr Burchell and with about 100 senior children captured a barrage balloon at morning break. Edgar Bragg, was there and fifty years’ later wrote about what happened: “One great and exciting event was the sighting of a Barrage […]

Extracts from the school log book

January 15th 1915 Allowed children out early to see battalion of soldiers making route march for recruits. May 24th 1916 Empire Day. Gave children an address & patriotic songs were sung. April 25th 1917 Continued lectures re food waste. July 27th 1917 Mrs Raymond absent today with leave, her husband […]


Mr Henry John Beare was headmaster of the school during the First World War. He lived at Saxons, which the School Board would have rented for him. E. W. Challice wrote of him: Mr & Mrs Beare were very highly respected and liked. Those of us who were his pupils […]

WW2 evacuation- a happy childhood

Evacuation – A happy childhood submitted 21 Nov 2003 by Maureen Batts My name is Maureen Batts and I am now 71. I was evacuated in June1940 with my sister Betty. She was 10 and a half and I was 8 We went from our school in Raynes Park. We had […]

Spring 1916- the start of conscription

Harriet Carrington– newspaper editor On 6th January 1916 Harriet Carrington died at 2 Guildene Villas, Worcester Street, Gloucester. Born in 1857 to Charles and Laura Gribble, Harriet grew up at Lapford Station where her father was station master. She married Frederick Carrington the son of the owner and editor of […]

The “von Trapps” of Lapford

Gwynneth Arscott, writing in 1971, recalls her early years growing up in Lapford in the late 1910’s at the Temperance Hotel and Lower Town farm. The family occasionally performed as a singing group.  The family pictured in about 1917: 1 Albert James Arscott 2 Effie Jane Arscott 3 Leslie Albert Arscott 4 […]

Rev Charles Henry Gerald Vivian

Lived at Woodlands (now Lapfordwood House) from 1902-11 as a widower with a young family. Significantly increased the size on the estate in 1910 when he purchased additional land at an auction at the Malt Scoop Inn Lapford. Vice-president of Lapford shooting club. Charles was born in Bodmin in 1853 […]