Memories of Old Lapford

Eric Challice was born in Lapford in 1897. Aged 88 he wrote this detailed recollection of his childhood in Lapford to the age of 17. It covers the the early years of the C20 through to the start of WW1: a period of great technological change in the village.

As well as descriptions of village characters and events, Eric’s book contains some rare technical insights: the workings of the smithy; road mending; the timber yard; daily chores inside his family’s small cob home; and, the various roles that gave the village its self-sufficiency.

Eric revisited Lapford in later life and there is a poignant reflection of the changes he noticed.

Chapter 1
Life at home
Chapter 2
Around Lapford
Chapter 3
The school
Chapter 4
Up the village street
Chapter 5
Village self-sufficiency
Chapter 6
The blacksmith’s forge
Chapter 7
Road mending
Chapter 8
Leaving Lapford and returning home
Chapter 9
The Congregational Church