by Gerald Leach

The football pitches were at Blackberry Gate, end of Parsonage Lane (Mr L Quick’s field) and also on Prowse Lane (Court Barton), Mr Goss. Of course Blackberry Gate was Mr Turner’s field. Changing room in the Victory Hall, tin bath and a ten gallon churn of hot water from Ambrosia, brought up by the football secretary, Mr Ken Hammell. So the shirt colours we had were the Ambrosia colours of green and white quarters with blue jerseys for a away games mostly.

Players provided their own white shorts with green and white socks, and goalkeepers provided  their own jersey, be it red or yellow. Mine was red always where I went it also went on the orders of the captain Mr Fred  Leach. The Vice was Mr  Bill  Collins, schoolmaster.  They would pick the captain, vice captain and the secretary on the Thursday night in the Malt Scoop, and then pulling the team sheet up in Mr Sid Snell ‘s window. What a difference in 2018.

Mr Maurice Burrows used to take us to away matches in his  bus, sometimes the driver Mr Fred Drew would do so. Later on Mr Douglas Venner did  as  he   played   for   Lapford.   Two   others   from Witheridge, namely Bill Hill (goalkeeper) and Henry Rowcliffe. When we went by car with footballers taking their cars, the rule was pay the driver two shillings and sixpence each.