ARSCOTT, Gwynneth Growing up in Lapford in the late 1910’s at the Temperance Hotel and Lower Town farm (1971)

BATTS, Maureen WW2 evacuation to Lapford (2003)

BRAGG, Edgar Lapford School children catch a barrage balloon during WW2 (1999) Audio

BRAGG, Edgar Growing up at Kelland Barton in the 1930s (2000)

BROWN, Mary Lapford school teacher, 1973-1998 (2000)

CHALLICE, Eric Book: Memories of Old Lapford, covering the early 1900 (1986)

MANNING, Bill Memories of Lapford Home Guard

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PARISH, Eileen WW2 evacuation to Lapford (2000)

PARISH, Eileen Memories for Lapford from 1940 onwards (1999) Audio

LEACH, Gerald Lapford Football Club, 1954-66 (2018)

ROUNSEFELL, Walter from Lapford to the Mau Mau Uprising

STENTIFORD, Barbara Working at Ambrosia after WW2 (2019)

WATTS, Joyce Memories of the land army