Plan of Lower Eastington Farm in 1910 taken from the Board of Inland Revenue: Valuation Office: Field Books, 1910
Building Materials
A House containing 6 bedrooms, siting room, dining room, kitchen, back ktchen, scullery, dairy Stone, plaster & slate
B Stable, loft over Stone, plaster & slate
B’ 3 pigs houses Stone and slate.
C Wood house Timber & slate
D Ash house Stone & slate
E Earth closet Timber & iron
F Poultry house Timber & slate
G Large cellar & granary, loft over Stone & slate
H Coal house Stone & slate
J Horse wheel pound house, loft over Stone & slate
K Cart shed Stone & slate
K’ Trap house Brick & slate
L Cart shed Stone & slate
M Yearlings & fowl stable, loft over Cob, timber & slate
N Bullock house, root house Stone, timber & slate
O 7 loose bullock houses, root house, loft Cob, timber & slate
P Barn Cob & slate
Q Horse wheel Stone & iron
R Yearlings house, ash house, loft Cob & thatch
S Root house, calves house, loft Cob, stone & thatch
T Calves house, loft over Cob, stone & thatch