Left: The Bungalow, on the edge of Lapford Wood, photographed in the 1930’s
It was styled on the Indian bungalows of the Raj. The rustic appeal of such homes were on trend with the Arts & Crafts movement and became highly desirable to wealthy gentlemen. John and Elizabeth Sheridon set up home there in 1911. John  was heir to Frampton—a magnificent estate in Hampshire with a 40-bedroomed Court House, 12 outlying farms, 103 cottages and vast parkland—yet his preferred residence was this thatched, verandaed bungalow.

Right: The building retains its principle shape but has been substantially modernised.
With external thatch and wooden features replaced, there is little evidence that it was original of Arts and Crafts design and could have been of architectural significance.

The building changed its name when when the once elitist “Bungalow” became more synonymous with single-storey brick buildings that became commonplace post-WW2. It is now known as Lapford Lodge and is a boarding kennels and cattery.